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Welcome to A Festival of Postcards.

The theme for this festival is Wheels.

I recently took a box of family photos from my Mom for scanning. Among the photos were a bunch of postcards from when my Great Grandpa was a young man. When I read about the new carnival “A Festival of Postcards” I knew that I would have one that worked. There are several postcards but only a few that have been mailed.

This postcard has a photo of the Garage and Blacksmith shop in Montezuma, Kansas which was owned by my Great Grandpa, Raymond Edwin Campbell (b. 1891), at the time. He was 23 years old at the time.

Garage and Blacksmithing, Montezuma, KS

Most of the people in the photograph are family members.

From left to right: George Campbell, b. 1897; Mary Magdaline (Maude) Ketch Campbell, b. 1870; Elmer Ellsworth Campbell, b. 1862; unknown child; unknown face; unknown man.

The other faces will be matched with names as I compare them to other photos of the time period.

Garage and Blacksmithing, Montezuma, KS, (back)

This postcard was sent by Raymond Edwin Campbell to his younger brother, George Campbell, in Dexter, Kansas.  The postcard is in his handwriting and was sent from Montezuma, Kansas on 23 Mar 1914 and postage cost 1 cent.


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Gene Kelly and Julie Andrews are two of my favorite Actors! My sister sent me a link to the Family Tree skit from The Julie Andrews Show which originally aired in 1965. I loved it and thought I would share. It’s a bit long and in 2 videos but if you’re fans of Julie and Gene, you’ll enjoy it. I promise! WordPress is not letting me embed the video in this post so you will have to go to Youtube to watch it yourself. It’s worth it though! I promise!

Family Tree part 1
Family Tree part 2

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